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Oswald Part Three

"Oswald Part Three" by Mark Groubert explores the life of Lee Harvey Oswald in the months leading up to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The screenplay begins with Oswald's troubled journey on a bus in 1963, reflecting on his attempted assassination of General Edwin Walker earlier that year. The narrative then delves into Oswald's tumultuous personal life, highlighting his strained relationship with his wife, Marina, and his interactions with various significant figures, such as George de Mohrenschildt and General Walker. These scenes provide insight into Oswald's erratic behavior and the domestic conflicts that plagued him.

As Oswald relocates to New Orleans, the screenplay portrays his efforts to establish a new life for his family while engaging in political activism. His encounters with intelligence agents and attempts to infiltrate various political groups underscore the complexities of Cold War espionage. Concurrently, scenes involving Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson and other political figures illustrate the high-stakes political environment and the intricate power dynamics within the government. These interactions reveal the broader political context in which Oswald's actions unfold.

The screenplay culminates in a vivid depiction of Oswald's preparation for New Orleans, where he balances his covert activities with his familial responsibilities. It portrays his persistent personal struggles, his determination to maintain a façade of normalcy, and the intense scrutiny he faces from various parties. "Oswald Part Three" provides a nuanced and engaging narrative, blending historical facts with dramatic storytelling to paint a comprehensive portrait of a man enmeshed in the era's political and personal turbulence.

The full script to read along will be in the comments.

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