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Exploring human behavior and its consequences with body language experts, legal minds, FBI and other 3 letter agencies, and Free-speech content. Join us to meet some amazing people who are changing the world around them.
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Locals Exclusive the "Freedom Phony"

Hey all, with the inspiration by @Rephanilator I'm invited my friend Jason DeFillippo of Grumpy Old Geeks to discuss the issues.

WARNING! Jason is a little salty, not politically aligned with many folks, and very happy to share this. But I try to talk with people who have knowledge and am friends with many folks. I don't have to agree with everything to be a friend.

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Project Veritas CNN Interview w/ AOC Leaked
John McAfee Content

This is the first thing I clicked on John McAfee's feed. It is extremely dark and disturbing.
It is very bad. I don't know how to fact check it all but I pray it is untrue.

Jen Psaki Being "Transparent"

“Why do you need to have that information?”
HT - @FiveTimesAugust

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